54 E. Water Street

Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-2544

Jeff Creed, Fire Chief


Chillicothe Fire Department was establish as a fully paid fire department in 1879. The fire department has grown with the city through the years to it's current authorized strength of 49 uniformed fire personnel. Due to financial constraints that struck the city a few years ago, there were only 46 positions funded, and we maintained an authorized minimum daily staffing of 10 persons per shift to staff 3 stations, with one of those staffing dispatch. The current financial crisis has cost us an additional 5 positions to layoffs, leaving us with a staff of 41 people, and a minimum daily staffing of only 9 to run 2 stations (Station 4 was closed). We use the 3 platoon system, and work a 24 hours on and 48 hours off schedule. A Kelly Day is authorized once every 8 weeks for a  53 hour work week.



Fire Chief Jeff Creed

Asst. Chief Steve Gallagher
Asst. Chief Bruce Vaughan
FF Glenda Cornett, Code Enforcement/Public Education
Karen Hoffman, Secretary (non-uniformed)
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Capt. Dave Russell Capt. Joe Minney Capt. Dean Bethel
Lt. Tracey Creed Lt. Stephen Steele Lt. Frank Woods
Lt. Noel Akers Lt. Don Zindren Lt. Aaron Knotts
FF Dave Land FF Robert Harmon FF Mark Gray
FF Jon Lowe FF Roy Lowery FF Tim Whitacre
FF Chris Cooper FF Brandon Bentley FF Don Cunningham
FF Chuck Kempton FF Josh Hyder FF Susie Gillfillan
FF Evan Steele FF Mark Hamann FF Linn Warthman
FF Greg Wallace FF Jeff Smith FF Ryan Wade
FF Tyler Rawlins FF Christy Dixon FF Bryon Cox
FF Nick Hucke FF Aharon McCune FF Scotty LaGard
FF Dirk Puckett FF Nick Mathias FF Jeremy Wilson
FF Alan Gossman FF Jason Miller FF Travis DelMatto
FF Scott Henninger FF Danny Russell FF Mike Gilbert
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